Calling all Superheroes!


When is the last time you talked to your child about making healthy food choices?  Is it time to challenge your kids to turn OFF the electronics and turn ON their feet?  Join us for the KidsVs Challenge!

Self-care starts young, and building a strong foundation of life-long positivity, healthy habits, and fitness practices will empower America’s youth to grow into healthy adults that love themselves inside and out.   This 6-week course is designed by a registered, licenced dietitian to address topics such as nutrition, mindfulness, behavior, and share educational resources to help kids learn to take care of their own growing bodies and minds.

Participants receive:

  • Weekly live meetings with a licensed dietitian

  • Private Facebook page 

  • Nutrition guides and recipes

  • Access to a nutritionist/dietitian for personalized questions and advice

  • Participants that complete the challenge will receive a $25 gift card

The next challenge begins January 15th! 
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What's Included?

Each week, participants will receive a series of challenges that educate and engage children aged 8 - 15 to consider the choices they make to fuel their health and wellness.  Topics covered include:

  • Kids Vs Nutrition

  • Kids Vs Mindfulness (A Secret Superpower)

  • Kids Vs Social Sit’s

  • Kids Vs The Couch

  • Kids Vs Mood Food

  • Kids Vs Choices