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Welcome to the Virtual Mother's Day Challenge

For the past 5 years my son and I have participated in Delray Beach's Mother's Day Challenge. Each year we looked forward to the challenge and just the time together working through crazy fun challenges. This year, due to CoVid-19 there will be no such festivities. So I thought...why not do a challenge virtually!!

***Updated changes:

 --There will be no registration fee due to IT difficulties

 --Contest will end the evening of Mother's Day May 10th!

So this year, here is how it will work:

1. On the morning of May 9th, the challenge list will be released. 

2. Each challenge is designed around items that are already available in the house or yard.

3. There will be 22 challenges and you must choose only 20, just in case you dont have the items needed for a certain task. 

4. The stop clock should start when you start the challenge, this is how we will decide on a winner.

5. Take a picture of each task after the  task is complete.

6. Submit your final time to the forum and then you will be asked to submit 2 of the challenge pictures, decided after you submit your time and should be posted within 2 minutes of the request for pictures. 

7. A panel of judges will vote on the team names and team hats/theme. 

8. You can participate in both the Mom  & Son and Mom & Daughter challenge. 

9. If you have multiple kids of the same gender you can all participate just rotate tasks between siblings. 

10. To get started submit the form below along with $5. 

11. Trophies for the winners will be mailed to them after the challenge. 

Winner categories will be chosen by a panel of judges:

Top 3 team names

Top 3 hats/costumes/themes


Timed winners will be for each age group tbd after registrations are in !

Mother's Day  Virtual Challenge
Child's Gender

Thanks for submitting!


First: Sign up for the challenge

Second: Print out the form or open on your phone for the challenges

Third: Have fun and dont forget to time yourself!

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